photo library DTELS Maintenance Planning Group Reunion
November 1997

MPG Reunion 1997

Top Row:        Jerry Hopkins, Norman Tuffin, Derek Theobald, Dave Perkins, Charles Pullin, Dave Metcalf
Middle Row:     John Scratchley, John Leary, Mike Brain, Dave Walker, Dave Greenwood, Dave Rumens, Richard Roberts
Bottom Row:   Steven Cole, Fred Williamson, Rodney Haverson, Lynn Vince (nee Casey), Andy Holstock, Len Clark

MPG, based at Weyhill in North-West Hampshire, was responsible for determining DTELS organisation maintenance policy and implementing associated support requirements to Headquarters and Field Service teams. It had been in existence for some 13 years before I transferred from field service in 1983.

During my eight years at Weyhill the group witnessed and was actively involved in seeing through great technological change in emergency service communications following the 1979 World Administrative Radio Conference.

With a period of some stability following the WARC change-out programme and departmental reorganisational changes arising from the planned privatisation of DTELS, the group and its centralised function was disbanded in 1992.

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